Nanyang Lingcao Ai industry Co., LTD

Nanyang Lingcao Ai industry Co., LTD

Country RegionChina - Henan - Nanyang

Establishment YearJune 07, 2020

Business TypeProduction, foundry, wholesale, trade

Annual Revenue$300000-$500000

Main Products

Wormwood planting wormwood raw material processing wormwood strip production
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Company Introduction

Nanyang Lingcao Moxa Industry Co., Ltd. is a collection of moxa planting, moxa wool raw material processing, moxa stick production, moxa moxa equipment research and development, management, moxa stick wholesale, moxa pole, moxa cake, moxa stick OEN custom as one of the moxa stick manufacturers. The company is located in Nanyang, Henan Province, the hometown of Chinese medical sage (Zhang Zhongjing) and the capital of Chinese herbal medicine. Nanyang Lingcao Ai Industry Co., Ltd. by virtue of unique ecological environment and rich quality wormwood resources to provide quality assurance for products. The senior founder of our company has devoted himself to researching wormwood for more than ten years, and has developed traditional wormwood sticks, smoke-free wormwood sticks, high-quality wormwood velvet, wormwood, mini moxibustion and portable moxibustion series. At present, it is the main OEM manufacturer of several well-known moxibustion brands, and the largest wormwood products production and processing base in Henan Province, China. The mugwort series products are exported to dozens of countries such as Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Europe. Nanyang Xianchao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. inherits the culture of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, carries forward the way of Chinese medical pulp, and is committed to building a health treatment center of ancient Chinese original ecological green therapy. The company vows to develop wormwood business and create wormwood industry boutique. Based in China, radiate the world, work together with domestic and foreign counterparts to carry forward the ancient traditional Chinese medicine culture, and benefit the people. Since the establishment of the company mainly engaged in wormwood products OEM processing, OEM processing, custom specifications processing and so on. After years of development, the company now has three wild wormwood mountains, two large dust-free wormwood extraction workshops that have obtained national invention patents, dozens of acres of professional wormwood storage warehouses, two automatic wormwood rolling workshops, and self-research and development of wormwood cake, wormwood molding machines and smoke-free wormwood production workshops.

Factory Information

Factory Size50,00 to 100,00 square meters

Annual Output$5 million. - $10 million

Number of Production LinesMore than 3 people

Factory Address Wolong wormwood Industrial Park opened Nanyang City, Henan Province

Contract DraftingProvide foundry services, provide OEM services, provide design services

Product Introduction
Wormwood sticks

Wormwood sticks

Wormwood foot bath kit

Wormwood foot bath kit

Wormwood essential oil

Wormwood essential oil

Wormwood cervical pillow

Wormwood cervical pillow

Sitting moxibustion mat

Sitting moxibustion mat

Wormwood ice silk mat pillow

Wormwood ice silk mat pillow

Wormwood toothpaste

Wormwood toothpaste

Bag of sea salt

Bag of sea salt

Main Markets
  • JapanJapan
  • IndiaIndia
  • South KoreaSouth Korea
  • IndonesiaIndonesia
  • Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
  • TurkeyTurkey
  • IsraelIsrael
  • United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates
  • ThailandThailand
  • EgyptEgypt
  • SingaporeSingapore
  • BangladeshBangladesh
  • MalaysiaMalaysia
  • VietnamVietnam
  • PhilippinesPhilippines
  • PakistanPakistan
  • IranIran
  • IraqIraq
  • ChinaChina
  • North KoreaNorth Korea
  • LaosLaos
  • JordanJordan
  • MyanmarMyanmar
  • MongoliaMongolia
  • BahrainBahrain
  • BhutanBhutan
  • BruneiBrunei
  • OmanOman
  • YemenYemen
  • AfghanistanAfghanistan
  • QatarQatar
  • CambodiaCambodia
  • KuwaitKuwait
  • TurkmenistanTurkmenistan
  • NepalNepal
  • LebanonLebanon
  • KazakhstanKazakhstan
  • GeorgiaGeorgia
  • MaldivesMaldives
  • SyriaSyria
  • TajikistanTajikistan
  • KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan
  • CyprusCyprus
  • Sri LankaSri Lanka
  • AzerbaijanAzerbaijan
  • UzbekistanUzbekistan
  • PalestinePalestine
  • ArmeniaArmenia
  • BeninBenin
  • TogoTogo
  • CongoCongo
Trading Capacity

Communication Language

English French German Spanish

Number of Trade Department Staff


Average Delivery Time

1 months

Trade Revenue

$5 million. - $10 million
Business Terms

Accepted Delivery Terms


Accepted Payment Currency

Usd Euro yen Canadian dollar Australian dollar Hong Kong dollar British pound Yuan Swiss franc

Accepted Payment Methods

T/T L/C D/P D/A MoneyGram Credit card PayPal Western Union cash escrow

Nearest Port

Shanghai Ningbo Shenzhen Guangzhou
Customer Reviews


I am extremely satisfied with the OEM services provided by Nanyang Lingcao Moxa Industry Co., Ltd. The quality of their wormwood products is excellent, and they have a wide range of options to choose from. The customized specifications processing allowed me to get exactly what I needed for my business. Their professionalism and attention to detail are top-notch. I would highly recommend them as an OEM manufacturer for anyone in need of high-quality moxa sticks.


I am extremely satisfied with the products and services provided by Nanyang Lingcao Moxa Industry Co., Ltd. Their wormwood products are of exceptional quality, and their attention to detail is commendable. The moxa sticks I received were meticulously crafted and burned evenly, giving me a wonderful traditional Chinese medicine experience. The packaging was also impressive, ensuring that the products arrived in perfect condition. I highly recommend Nanyang Lingcao Moxa Industry Co., Ltd for all your moxibustion needs!


What is the process for shipping your wormwood products overseas?

To ship our wormwood products overseas, we follow a comprehensive process. Firstly, we carefully package the products to ensure their safety during transportation. Then, we collaborate with reliable international shipping companies to arrange sea freight services from China to various destinations across the globe. We handle all necessary customs documentation and comply with international regulations for exporting agricultural goods. With our efficient logistics system, customers can expect timely delivery of our high-quality wormwood products.

What are the main products of Nanyang Lingcao Moxa Industry Co., Ltd.?

The main products of Nanyang Lingcao Moxa Industry Co., Ltd. include wormwood planting, wormwood raw material processing, and wormwood strip production.

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