Shenzhen Gsun sports Co. LTD

Shenzhen Gsun sports Co. LTD

Country RegionChina - Guangdong- Shenzhen

Establishment Year2010

Business TypeManufacturer,Wholesale,Made in China,Trade, international trade

Annual Revenue$500000-$1000000

Main Products

Inflatable Pool Inflatable Mattress Inflatable bathtub for baby Inflatable Toys Inflatable Swimming Ring Inflatable Pillows
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Company Introduction

Gsun sports was founded in 2010, we are the one of the most experienced manufacturers of inflatable products in China, with 200 employees, 75 sets of production equipment, 10,000 square meters of workshop area and over 5 production lines.As our the most competitive products, inflatable water sports products are the major products we have focused on and exported for many years. Supplying a variety of inflatable toys,inflatable pool, Inflatable ball, inflatable floating mats,Inflatable furniture, sofa/chair/pillow/mattresses… If you have any projects, we will be always looking forward to receiving your inquiry and give you offer to support you, and you will be always welcome to visit us!

Factory Information

Factory Size50,0 to 100,0 square meters

Annual Output$1 million. - $2 million

Number of Production LinesMore than 3 people

Factory Address14/F, Building 2#, Tianan Cyber Park, Nancheng District, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Contract DraftingProvide foundry services, provide OEM services, provide design services

Product Introduction
Main Markets
  • JapanJapan
  • IndiaIndia
  • South KoreaSouth Korea
  • IndonesiaIndonesia
  • Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
  • TurkeyTurkey
  • IsraelIsrael
  • United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates
  • ThailandThailand
  • EgyptEgypt
  • SingaporeSingapore
  • BangladeshBangladesh
  • MalaysiaMalaysia
  • VietnamVietnam
  • PhilippinesPhilippines
  • PakistanPakistan
  • IranIran
  • IraqIraq
  • ChinaChina
  • North KoreaNorth Korea
  • LaosLaos
  • JordanJordan
  • MyanmarMyanmar
  • MongoliaMongolia
  • BahrainBahrain
  • BhutanBhutan
  • BruneiBrunei
  • OmanOman
  • YemenYemen
  • AfghanistanAfghanistan
  • QatarQatar
  • CambodiaCambodia
  • KuwaitKuwait
  • TurkmenistanTurkmenistan
  • NepalNepal
  • LebanonLebanon
  • KazakhstanKazakhstan
  • GeorgiaGeorgia
  • MaldivesMaldives
  • SyriaSyria
  • TajikistanTajikistan
  • KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan
  • CyprusCyprus
  • Sri LankaSri Lanka
  • AzerbaijanAzerbaijan
  • UzbekistanUzbekistan
  • PalestinePalestine
  • ArmeniaArmenia
  • BeninBenin
  • TogoTogo
  • CongoCongo
Trading Capacity

Communication Language

English French German Spanish

Number of Trade Department Staff


Average Delivery Time

within 15 workdays

Trade Revenue

$1 million. - $2 million
Business Terms

Accepted Delivery Terms


Accepted Payment Currency

Usd Euro yen Canadian dollar Australian dollar Hong Kong dollar British pound Yuan Swiss franc

Accepted Payment Methods

T/T L/C D/P D/A MoneyGram Credit card PayPal Western Union cash escrow

Nearest Port

Shenzhen Guangzhou
Customer Reviews


I had the pleasure of working with Gsun sports for my recent shipment of inflatable water sports products. The quality of their products is outstanding and their attention to detail is commendable. The team at Gsun sports was professional, efficient, and ensured that my order arrived on time without any issues. I highly recommend them as a reliable supplier in the industry.


I recently had the pleasure of visiting Gsun Sports in Shenzhen, China. Their team is impressive with their expertise and dedication to producing top-notch inflatable products. The factory facilities are spacious and well-maintained, reflecting their commitment to quality production. I was particularly impressed with their extensive range of inflatable water sports products such as pools, mattresses, bathtubs for babies, toys, swimming rings, and pillows. The variety they offer is exceptional! Their customer service was outstanding too - prompt responses to inquiries and competitive pricing offered for my project needs. I highly recommend Gsun Sports as a reliable manufacturer in the industry!


What is the average production capacity of Gsun sports?

Gsun sports has an average production capacity of 200 employees, 75 sets of production equipment, and over 5 production lines.

What is the estimated lead time for delivery of your inflatable water sports products?

The estimated lead time for delivery of our inflatable water sports products depends on the quantity and specific requirements. Generally, it takes around 15-30 days after order confirmation and receipt of payment. However, this can vary based on the complexity and customization involved in each order.

knowledge base

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