Shandong Yunlian Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Yunlian Technology Co., Ltd

Country RegionChina

Establishment YearDecember 17, 2020

Business TypeManufacturer

Annual Revenue30 million us dollar

Main Products

Chinese laser machine manufacturer high-quality laser equipment expert manufacturing of laser machines laser equipment exports laser cutting machines laser welding machines laser marking machines foreign trade laser equipment global laser machine supplier made-in-China laser technology
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Company Introduction

Shandong Yunlian Technology Co., Ltd is a 17 years professional manufacturer engaged in the research and development, production and sales of laser machine. LME laser covers an area of 6,000 meter and employs 100 more people. It is a company specialized in providing laser machine solution for users’ factories. The products include fiber laser welding machine, fiber laser cleaning machine, fiber laser marker, CO2 laser marker, UV laser marker and fly marking machine. And the products come with CE, FDA, ISO9001 etc. And popular in American, South Korea, Europe, India, Myanmar, Turkey, Australia, Ukraine, Brazil and other countries. LME laser uses advanced technology and the highest level of domestic manufacturing process to ensure the efficiency, reliability and advanced technology of each laser machine, so that it has more excellent cost-effective than similar products.

Factory Information

Factory Size120

Annual Output100 Million

Number of Production Lines10

Factory AddressJinan city Shandong Province China

Contract DraftingBusiness Contract

Product Introduction
Main Markets
  • United StatesUnited States
  • JapanJapan
  • GermanyGermany
  • IndiaIndia
  • United KingdomUnited Kingdom
  • FranceFrance
  • RussiaRussia
  • CanadaCanada
  • ItalyItaly
  • BrazilBrazil
  • South KoreaSouth Korea
  • AustraliaAustralia
  • MexicoMexico
  • SpainSpain
  • IndonesiaIndonesia
  • Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
  • HollandHolland
  • TurkeyTurkey
  • SwitzerlandSwitzerland
  • PolandPoland
  • SwedenSweden
  • ArgentinaArgentina
  • NorwayNorway
  • BelgiumBelgium
  • IrelandIreland
  • IsraelIsrael
  • United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates
  • ThailandThailand
  • EgyptEgypt
  • AustriaAustria
  • SingaporeSingapore
  • BangladeshBangladesh
  • MalaysiaMalaysia
  • VietnamVietnam
  • South AfricaSouth Africa
  • PhilippinesPhilippines
  • DenmarkDenmark
  • PakistanPakistan
  • IranIran
  • ColombiaColombia
  • RomaniaRomania
  • ChileChile
  • Czech RepublicCzech Republic
  • FinlandFinland
  • IraqIraq
  • PortugalPortugal
  • PeruPeru
  • New ZealandNew Zealand
  • ChinaChina
  • North KoreaNorth Korea
  • LaosLaos
  • JordanJordan
  • MyanmarMyanmar
  • MongoliaMongolia
  • BahrainBahrain
  • BhutanBhutan
  • BruneiBrunei
  • OmanOman
  • YemenYemen
  • AfghanistanAfghanistan
  • QatarQatar
  • CambodiaCambodia
  • KuwaitKuwait
  • TurkmenistanTurkmenistan
  • NepalNepal
  • LebanonLebanon
  • KazakhstanKazakhstan
  • GeorgiaGeorgia
  • MaldivesMaldives
  • SyriaSyria
  • TajikistanTajikistan
  • KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan
  • CyprusCyprus
  • Sri LankaSri Lanka
  • AzerbaijanAzerbaijan
  • UzbekistanUzbekistan
  • PalestinePalestine
  • ArmeniaArmenia
  • BeninBenin
  • TogoTogo
  • CongoCongo
  • GhanaGhana
  • GabonGabon
  • MaliMali
  • Central African RepublicCentral African Republic
  • ChadChad
  • SudanSudan
  • RwandaRwanda
  • AngolaAngola
  • BurundiBurundi
  • Cape VerdeCape Verde
  • GambiaGambia
  • DjiboutiDjibouti
  • GuineaGuinea
  • LibyaLibya
  • CameroonCameroon
  • ComorosComoros
  • KenyaKenya
  • LesothoLesotho
  • NigerNiger
Trading Capacity

Communication Language

English French German Spanish

Number of Trade Department Staff

Less than 100 people

Average Delivery Time

Less than 2 months

Trade Revenue

Over 500 million US dollars
Business Terms

Accepted Delivery Terms


Accepted Payment Currency

Usd Euro yen Canadian dollar Australian dollar Hong Kong dollar British pound Yuan Swiss franc

Accepted Payment Methods

T/T L/C D/P D/A MoneyGram Credit card

Nearest Port

Shenzhen Guangzhou
Customer Reviews

Sophia Lee

I purchased a fiber laser welding machine from LME laser and I am extremely satisfied with the quality and performance. As a Chinese laser machine manufacturer, they truly offer high-quality laser equipment that is expertly manufactured. The customer service was excellent, and the product exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend LME laser for anyone in need of reliable and efficient laser machines.

Sophia Johnson

I recently purchased a laser cutting machine from this Chinese laser machine manufacturer and I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the product. The high-quality laser equipment exceeded my expectations and the expert manufacturing of laser machines really shows in their products. The foreign trade laser equipment was shipped promptly and arrived in perfect condition. I highly recommend this global laser machine supplier for anyone looking for top-notch made-in-China technology.


What sets LME laser apart from other laser machine manufacturers?

LME laser uses advanced technology and the highest level of domestic manufacturing process to ensure the efficiency, reliability and advanced technology of each laser machine, making it have more excellent cost-effective than similar products.

What makes Shandong Yunlian Technology Co., Ltd stand out from other laser machine manufacturers?

Shandong Yunlian Technology Co., Ltd stands out from other manufacturers due to its 17 years of experience, advanced technology, efficient manufacturing process, and excellent cost-effectiveness of its products.

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